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The Consultancy Study of the Eng. Daniele Toffanelli offers a range of services in the field of Mechanical and Electronics Engineering applied  to the Automotive Sector, with a particular attention to Alternative Fuels, Training and Certification Practices of vehicles and systems. It offers expertise and punctuality in the planning, prototyping and production of devices and systems.

Thanks to the remarkable experience in the Automotive sector, we are able to support customers and companies during all steps necessary for obtaining the approvals (homologation) of vehicles, components and systems (particular fucus on LPG/CNG sectors) on Italian and European territories.

The Consultancy Study of the Eng. Daniele Toffanelli offers also support to obtain the ISO:9001, ISO:14000 (Environmental Management System), OHSAS:18001 (Health-Safety for Workers Management Systems) certifications.

Automotive Training
We take care of the education of the customers i
n the Automotive Sector, with the goal to grow professionally, to be updated on the diagnostic and regulation procedures.
We offer extensive and
targeted trainings at the same time, allowing the workshops to get in a short time a saving on diagnostic and repair costs.

Innovation Manager

On 2019, the Eng. Daniele Toffanelli obtains the important qualify as Innovation Manager for the MISE (Italian Ministry for the Economic Development), to help the companies on the digital transformation, introducing the 4.0 innovative technologies on the production processes.

Research and Development

PATENT No. 0001421878: Electronics system for automatic LPG and CNG injectors cleaning.

Cold Start on Gas (CSG) System for cold starting of the engine directly to LPG/CNG fuel. (Patent pending).

Ecological Vehicle Detector (EVD) System: system to check if vehicles are crossing the urban area with ecological fuels (LPG/CNG).
(Patent pending).

DIESEL car converted 100% on CNG (and LPG): Movie "Le Iene".


Ing. Daniel Toffanelli
Address: Via Santi di Tito, 6 - 52037 - Sansepolcro (AR)
Mobile: +39 339 3536735
VAT: IT02246920512
Tax ID: TFFDNL79D02I155A

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